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Success Story

Francisca, mother of two vulnerable children, rescued from a quarantine prison hotel.

Coerced into a Manchester quarantine hotel under threat of her vulnerable children being taken into care. This place was nothing less than a prison. Despite medical staff insisting that her situation was not suitable for her children, there was no help from anywhere. The police, home office and hotel staff did nothing to assist.

After 8 days and at the end of her tether, she managed to contact the Guardians 300 through one of her friends, and they arrived the same morning.

Despite being told that she could leave if she wanted, when the Guardians 300 arrived in the hotel lobby, she was prevented from gaining access to the lifts, with the hotel security guards blocking her and the children from leaving. Once Francisca managed to get outside, via a fire escape, attempts were made by the hotel security guards, to gain access to the vehicle she was in, to try and drag her and her children out of the car.

Without assistance of Guardians 300, Francisca, a London mother of two vulnerable children, would have remained imprisoned inside a quarantine hotel room in Manchester for at least another 2 days.

Watch Francisca recount her experience

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