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Our Accounts

We are keen to show that we are in every way transparent. At present everyone that works for the Guardians 300 does so on a voluntary basis (yes we could sure use some more help).

We sometimes hear that our courses should be for free and seriously we’d love to do that. Here’s why we can’t….all the men and women that work with the Guardians 300 give their time for free, but what wouldn’t be right is for them to be out of pocket to come to these meetings (fuel). We are fortunate that some people give their premises for free, but many venues have to be paid for. Stamps, printers, paper, tea, coffee, loo rolls all of these things have to be paid for. Our courses are £15 to £20 for a whole day, some are well attended and others not so, in which case the money has to balance across all courses. Any surplus will be used for printed material for everyone to give out and used to further our collective vision working with communities across the UK.


Income and Expenditure Sheet 1st July 31st August 2021

Income and Expenditure Sheet 1st to 30th September 2021

Income and Expenditure Sheet 1st to 31st October 2021