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We are always looking for suitable venues that are available for us to utilise for training, If you have a space which holds a minimum of 15 to 30 people for a small venue or up to 300 for a large venue.

The training courses will be offered all around the UK and we will therefore need venues to meet the demands of the trainees. We are looking for areas both in city/town centres, in the suburbs and also in the countryside.

As we are looking to provide training during both the week and weekend, ideally we look for facilities that may be quiet or unused during certain days of the week/weekend. For example, our first Sovereign Programme was held at a nightclub in Bletchley, which would be busy on an evening, but is empty and unused during the day. Because of the great facilities available at the venue, we were able to utilise the existing PA systems and projector equipment.

However, don’t worry if your venue does not have that equipment, we will provide our own kit, all we need is a suitable place for our trainees to be able to receive training.

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