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Lend A Hand

We like to think we can do it all ourselves, but we can’t. We need your help. We’re looking for volunteers who have experience and abilities in the following disciplines. Ideally you’re already doing something similar or have the experience in the following;


We are a rapidly growing training organisation and we aim to be the best common law training provider on the globe. There are always opportunities for organised individuals with an eye for detail to get involved with our administrative processes. If you have experience in administration and are able to offer us a regular amount of your time, pease let us know.

Social Media

There are many platforms available to get our message out and we need to expand our social media team. If you have any experience using social media platforms and can offer your time on a regular basis to push out the message of common law rights, freedom of speech and lawful responsibilities.

Blogging and content creation

The pen is mightier than the sword! If you have experience in writing content, then we’d love to hear from you. We are looking to provide more content on common law, the unalienable rights of the living man/woman and how we as a society can learn more about what our true rights are. If you think you can help, please get in touch.

Content Moderators

We have a very active Telegram Discussion Group and sometimes the talking can get a little heated, culminating in things getting more than a little lively. Or, we do get the occasional spammer attempting to push crypto or something similar. We need part or full-time Telegram moderators who can help us keep an orderly discussion group, removing racist and unsuitable posts.

If you are able to give us a regular commitment to help us to help the people of the not just the United Kingdom, but the rest of the world, please contact us