"To be the world leader in the provision of a universally applicable common law training model and its creation of communities, enabling people and communities to develop autonomy in their knowledge, skills and beliefs, providing the support they need to stand in their sovereign power.”

Guardians 300 act as a global focal point for the practical application of common law and the re- establishment of human rights for all men and women, according to the established constitution of our country.

Our infrastructure will provide a smooth and progressive way of learning and applying principles of common law training, and certifying people in its practical application throughout the world. Our trainers will maintain the highest level of competence and professional standards, providing a model for others to follow.

Our Values


Everything we do will be in accordance with the principles of law.


We believe in unity to create community.


All of our work is open, transparent and fully accountable.


We are honest in all of our exchanges.


All of our learning is converted into actions that are designed to make difference to the communities we serve.